Stephan Therien is a unique artist, successfully combining humour and the art of mentalism.

From an early age, Stephan discovers a talent for magic, talent that he would develop over the next few years. In his early twenties, seeking to perfect his craft, he meets the person who would become his mentor, Le Grand Marcis, who would elevate him to the rank of professional.

Fascinated by paranormal phenomena, Stephan endeavours to find a way to combine magic and paranormal. He discovers the art of mentalism, which he has now been practicing for the past 20 years. Peerless communicator, he polishes his knowledge of radio and television at the Pro-Média school. He becomes a weekly contributor and is regularly invited to comment on paranormal phenomena.

Stephan can boast of over 200 appearances on television and radio as well as numerous stage performances. His mysterious side leads Messmer to invite him to perform at the “Le Cabaret Fantastique” show at the Bell Centre. His sense of humour opens the doors to the Zoofest at Just For Laughs festival. Over the years, Stephan has become well known as an accomplished and versatile artist.