The Telepath: n. [De-tel-uh-path] . Interactive show featuring paranormal phenomena, such as telepathy, telekinesis, humour and mystery, starring mentalist Stephan Therien.

Corporate events: Are you in charge of organizing the next office party, golf tournament or any other corporate event? Is the pressure getting to you? You can’t afford getting egg on your face? You want glowing reviews of the event? Unforgettable memories even?

In a 60 minute format, The Telepath is the show you need.

Also available in 30 or 45 minute format.

Public performances: festivals, fundraising events, concert halls.

Audiences becoming more hard to please, you must wow them with originality. With a new stage direction, Le Télépathe is the ideal show. Funny, mysterious and impactful, this extravaganza is performed in a style never before seen from a mentalist.

This show is available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 (2x 45 mins.) minute formats.

High school, colleges, university: Generation Z is a very demanding client base. Plugged on technology, they seem to have seen it all. With his dynamic style and a driving background of rock music, Stephan Therien opens their eyes and dazzles their mind. Young adults nickname him the Mentalist Rock Star. Ideal for award shows, fundraising, graduation, Halloween or Christmas.

The 60 minute format is suggested.

Stephan Therien doesn’t need an accomplice to master his art. Whether on television where the hosts are not in on the secret, or on stage where all the volunteers are picked at random, he executes his performance by himself. The next volunteer might be you!